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the DAO funding cures for STDs

We’re on a mission to cure STDs. 

We fund brilliant scientists that are creating innovative medicines to cure bacterial and viral STDs that burden millions of men, women and children worldwide. 

We all know someone with one, so donate for a good cause and help f#ck STDs into oblivion once and for all!  


About Us

What We Do

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a burden for people all around the world. To help solve this crisis we created stdDAO, a modernized charity that operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), to fund the development of innovative medicines that will cure STDs (whereas, Big Pharma only creates drugs that temporarily suppress symptoms caused by STDs). 

stdDAO accepts donations in ETH in return for $CURES governance tokens. $CURES tokens are used by the community for decision making via proposals and voting. Donations are added to the treasury where, upon accepted community proposals, can be used to fund scientists, researchers, doctors, and companies that will use innovative techniques to create medicines that could cure STDs. 

stdDAO uses a Gnosis Safe multisig wallet with multiple signers to keep donations transparent and secure, Snapshot for decentralized governance, and the JuiceBox smart contract platform for managing donations in a transparent, secure and decentralized manner. JuiceBox is a pioneer in blockchain fundraising and has hosted popular DAOs such as ConstitutionDAO (raised 11,613 ETH) and AssangeDAO (raised 17,422 ETH). 

Nature and brilliant scientists hold the keys to unlocking cures for STDs – from rare plants and algae to stem cell therapies and gene editing – and we are funding these innovative concepts.

stdDAO can bypass the red tape that slows other charities because we’re a global DAO and only accept donations in cryptocurrencies. This enhances our ability to swiftly get donations into the hands of the world’s leading STD scientists.

Funding Cures

How We Do It

stdDAO funds scientists, researchers, doctors & companies focused on creating cures that will stop the bacteria and viruses that cause STDs, such as HSV-1, HSV-2, HPV, HBV, HIV & AIDS.

We are currently focusing on these areas to find cures: 

Rare Plants


Stem Cell Therapies

Gene Editing With CRISPR

Gene Editing With Oglionucleotides

How to

Help Us, Help Others

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Your donation will help to fund cures for STDs. Donate now

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Give yourself some love – your donation is helping millions of men, women and children worldwide!

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Share stdDAO around the web. We and the millions of people burdened by STDs thank you! 

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The more people that know about stdDAO, the quicker we can fund cures for STDs.

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